Digital portfolio review

Digital portfolio review

Come join our photo club’s core event. It is an opportunity to share your photos, learn from others and get inspired.

Please bring a USB stick with MAX 10 PHOTOS.

Sign-up here:

This time, we will project the images on the wall, giving a more comfortable viewing experience than laying out prints. The club provides a relaxed environment for participants to improve their creativity and expand their knowledge of photography. Hopefully it will inspire and encourage you to experiment with different photo techniques and give constructive feedback to others. This is an event for photographers with any level of experience. The evening is organised like a traditional book club meeting, but with photos instead of books.

Feel free to bring any pictures you want. For presentation purposes it is recommended that photos are printed in a larger format than the standard 10×15 cm. But that’s not a must. Please limit the amount of photos to 20 or less.

Please donate 5 Eur at the meeting to help sponsor the photo club.

Please remove your RSVP, should you at some point discover you can no longer join the meeting. There is limited seating.

Shutterstock portfolio review

For those wanting to submit their photos to Shutterstock, we will provide precise feedback of what can be submitted as microstock photography, should be edited or any other advice to help you become a Shutterstock contributor.