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Exhibition with Meet & Greet

Come join us for a visit to FOAM on Sunday, March 1st 2020 and a meet-and-greet with the experimental artist Sheng-Wen Lo.

Sheng-Wen Lo’s project ‘Extendable Ears’ (2019) shows how, for a month, Lo continuously exposed himself to ultrasound waves in order to investigate the subjectivity of sound experience. Ultrasound waves exceed the audible human capacity, but can be heard by animals such as cats and dogs. His findings are reproduced in 360o photos, videos of his everyday activities, surveillance-style images of Lo sleeping, and photographic scans of the dream diaries he kept during the experiment and shortly before it began.

In Lo’s view, human-animal relations reflect the values, attitudes and collective memories that people have with respect to their environment. Lo encourages audiences to discuss the relationship between humans and animals.


Past events