Shutterstock meeting

Come share your experience in submitting your photos to Shutterstock. Some have been accepted. But many struggle to meet the requirements. Becoming a Shutterstock contributor is not easy, and once you have qualified it only goes to show that being an Amsterdam Shutterstock photographer really means something.

We need your feedback

Shutterstock is very excited to work with the Amsterdam Photo Club. And they want to help us make the acceptance process faster and easier for us. So we need your feedback related to your experience so far.

For more information, please visit:


image 02 photographer

For all photographers in Amsterdam.

Press Release

Press Release

January 20, 2014: Come see the results of Megan ALter Photography and Amsterdam

Jordaan Photowalk

Jordaan Photowalk

Come join other Amsterdam photographers on our next photowalk through one of the

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