Join our Shutterstock team. Take your photography to the next level, and start earning money with your photos. Shutterstock is a global provider of high-quality licensed photographs, video clips and illustrations. They are one of the world’s leading image licensing marketplaces, and have an increasing demand for local content.  Shutterstock has paid $150 million in royalties to photographers, videographers, and illustrators. Your photos will continue to earn you money as they get downloaded and used. Entering the image licensing world will help you develop your creative skills as a photographer, and increase the quality of your photos.

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Fast Track to Stock Photography & Events

We have collected all tips and tricks for succeeding in stock photography on this separate website: Fast Track to Stock Photography

The Amsterdam Photo Club hosts special events to help those wanting to earn money from their photos. All workshops, courses and photowalks are tailored to Shutterstock’s requirements.