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It’s gone 5 years since we started the Amsterdam Photo Club. Many of our members have since then gone from amateurs to semi-pros. For those photographers participating in our Shutterstock program, we will be organising many extra free workshops to help you earn money on your digital photos. Stock photography is the global market were most of today’s photographers earn money on their digital photos. Imagine your photos being featured on book covers, magazine articles and fashion blogs. Once you are accepted as a contributor, selling your photos becomes easy.

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Expect to get rejected a couple of times. Most successful photographers were rejected on their first submission. It takes a couple of attempts to understand the few extra requirements for stock photography.

We are happy to help you. Simply email us on, and we will look at your photos and give you feedback, online or in person. With a little help, it is easy to become a Shutterstock contributor.

ShutterTalk Live: Preparing Your First Photo Submission from Shutterstock on Vimeo.

Artzuid Photowalk 2015

Artzuid Photowalk 2015

ARTZUID is a popular international sculpture route that brings the streets of

King’s Day Photo Contest

King’s Day Photo Contest

Calling all Amsterdam Photographers!

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