Photographing the Perseids Meteor Shower

If you missed photographing the lunar eclipse or last week’s close encounter of the planet Mars, you might be happy to hear that the most active meteor shower of the year is coming: The Perseids.

Pieces of debris from the meteor is expected to enter the atmosphere of the earth at 03:30 in the night from Sunday, August 12th to Monday, creating a spectacular view in the northeast.

The Perseids an annual meteor shower which creates about 85 “shooting stars” per hour. The maximum of the Perseids is very favorable this year, because the moon does not disturb. Make sure you find a dark place for best results, something that can be a challenge in the light-polluted Holland.

Lunar Eclipse Workshop

Lunar Eclipse Workshop

Join us on July 27th for an astronomical spectacular Amsterdam photography

Press Release

Press Release

August 14, 2017: After 7 years of organising over 180 photography events, the

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