Rockarchive Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners Alvaro, Javier Arenas Valladares and Harri Jahkola. Their photos went on sale at the Rockarchive Amsterdam Gallery this weekend, printed on hahnemuhle fine art paper.

A big thank you to Alexandre CORIC for setting up this collaboration, and helping us make this a recurring event. The Amsterdam Photo Club is proud to collaborate with the Rockarchive Amsterdam Gallery. Giving the opportunity for our members to have their photography printed and sold as art pieces to photography collectors and tourists passing by.

The competition will become a recurring event, giving more photographers the change to have their photos sold as fine art. The gallery is located on the Prinsengracht. It has a growing collection of classic images, mainly focusing on rock and jazz. In the last year they have expanded their collection to also cover classical photos of Amsterdam and the art prints of the work of French painter Igor Marceau.

Photo by: Alexandre CORIC

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