Visit to FOAM

Join other Amsterdam photography enthusiasts to ‘Reflected’, the first exhibition by FOAM’s very own photography collection.

FOAM has actively been collecting photography since 2007. The collection has since then been growing, and now comprises more than 400 photos. The emphasis is placed on the support, signalling and presentation of young talents.

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Other exhibitions

‘Site/Cloud’ by Daisuke Yokota show a haunting, indefinable world with shadowy, anonymous apparitions and nondescript places, contrasted with sublime, colourful representations of skies and clouds which evoke feelings of timelessness.

‘Domestic Science’ is a part of FOAM’s new 3h project by Annegien van Doorn that presents photography and video depicting ordinary, everyday and banal objects from our daily lives. Domestic objects that are usually considered as visually worthless turn out to have qualities that are easily overlooked.


Jodenbuurt Photowalk

Jodenbuurt Photowalk

Join us for our next photowalk in Amsterdam

Shutterstock Lecture

Shutterstock Lecture

Keren Sachs (Shutterstock’s Director of Content Development) and Gerd

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