Van Loon in Foam

A very special photography collection of the noble Van Loon family will be exhibited for the very first time. The exhibition is a collaboration between across the canal neighbours, Museum Van Loon and photography museum Foam. Museum Van Loon is the former residence of the Van Loon family. The Van Loon photo collection consists of historic interior photography and of both historic and contemporary portrait photography. Renowned artists have portrayed family members: from Felix Nadar and Studio Merkelbach to recently Koos Breukel and Erwin Olaf. With this exhibition Foam sets out not only investigate the role of photography within the Van Loon family, but also how this collection relates to the present day. Artist and curator Ernst van der Hoeven has been invited to provide a three dimensional intervention within the exhibition rooms.

The Van Loon family commissioned painted portraits well into the 20th century. From the 19th century onwards photographs have been made in addition; from pre WW II formal cartes de visites, studio portraits, children’s portraits and family albums to a more personal atmosphere in the post war era. Interior photography gives a splendid view on the inside of Museum van Loon in the 20th century when the house was still lived in. Interiors served representative purposes which becomes evident in the execution of the imagery.

The exhibition lasts until 29 March 2015. For tickets: order online




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