Urban Photo Race 2015

The winners of the Urban Photo Race 2015 in Amsterdam have been announced in September. Let’s go back, however to review this all-time growing event.

During the race participants receive at various points in the city new tasks and themes throughout the day. Then all photos (to be exact 18 divided by 6 themes) need to be returned the same day at the last check point.

This year it was Samyang Benelux who sponsored the 1st and 2nd prize of this creative competition.
Congratulations to the winners of the first prize- Virginia Zoli, the second- Michal Jedlicka and the third- Simon Jiracek.

Don’t forget to check the winning pictures in each of the categories and themes here.


Foam Magazine #42

Foam Magazine #42

The editors of Foam Magazine are very proud to present the 2015 edition of the

Fast Track to Amsterdam Stock Photography

Fast Track to Amsterdam Stock Photography

Fast Track to Stock Photography is a new website and initiative to help our

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