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Thursday, September 17th. Join us for a peek into the photography sales market, and learn how to sell your photography

FOAM is holding an intensive one evening collecting photography course on 17 and 18 September 2013. This is an opportunity to learn how the market works, and to understand the mindset of the photography collectors you want to sell your photography to.

The course (one evening) consists of four lectures, and includes key information on how to source, buy, conserve and build a collection. It is mainly aimed to assist first-time art buyers prepare for the Unseen Photo Fair (26-29 September 2013). But they also welcome photographers wanting to understand how to sell their photography.

The price is 125 Eur. There is a 10% discount for FOAM fan members.


Important: You will also need to register and pre-pay on FOAM’s website:

Please visit:

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