Pillow Fight Day 2016

Come join us as we photograph the annual ‘International Pillow Fight Day’ in Amsterdam! A popular event taking place in many cities around the world on April 2nd this year.

Freeze action with fast shutter speeds, capture emotions in peoples faces as they strike their opponents and get nice wide angle shots of Amsterdam’s city square covered in goose feathers. This might be an event were you want to keep your camera strap around your neck. You never know what will come flying your way. No photographer will be 100% safe 🙂


[Photo by: Cloud Mine Amsterdam]


Amsterdam Chocolate Festival

Amsterdam Chocolate Festival

Come join us in photographing the annual Amsterdam Chocolate Festival

World Press Photo Exhibition 2016

World Press Photo Exhibition 2016

Join us in De Nieuwe Kerk in April 16th and see the winning results of the 59th

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