Nightsky Photography Workshop


This event has been cancelled due to lack of participation.



Back by popular demand. We are repeating last year’s nightsky photography workshop with astro photographer Moophz Himself on October 12th at LAB111, plus a field trip on October 14th.

Join us in an exciting workshop where you will learn everything you need to know about photographing the stars at night …even from light polluted Holland.

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October 12th: Workshop

The presentation will cover a lecture on how to capture starry landscapes, night photograhy and best practices.

We’ll also cover common mistakes, misconceptions, recommended equipment, and how to plan and get the best results. After the Q&A session, we’ll gather in the bar for some drinks and probably more questions.

This lecture will also emphasise over the following aspects of night photography:
* Stary landscapes
* Milky Way
* Meteor showers
* Aurora Borealis/Australis
* Lightning strikes

19:00: Presentation
20:15: Q&A
20:30: Drinks in the upstairs bar

October 14th: Field trip (optional)

The main purpose of this trip is to practice what we learned in the workshop, we will give assistance to those who need it. For this reason, we’ll repeat last year’s field trip to a low light polluted area away from city lights in Flevorland (40 minutes by car from Amsterdam). For this you will need a car.

Important Notice: The field trip will be conditioned by the weather forecast, so kindly note that there is a chance that the field trip might be cancelled the morning of October 14th in the case of a cloudy weather forecast.

For more information and photos by Moophz Himself please see:

Press Release

Press Release

September 15, 2017: The Amsterdam Photo Club is proud to announce the winner of

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017

It is soon time again

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