Night Sky Photography Workshop

It is not easy to organise a workshop to photograph the stars in the night sky, when living in one of the most densely light-polutet countries in the world. Luckily with a tip from a couple of astronomers and the help of a few apps, the Amsterdam Photo Club managed to find a spot outside Amsterdam in the fields of Kardijk that was perfect.

A general good starting point for shooting stars in the night sky is mounting your camera on a tripod and shooting with ISO 1600 at 20 seconds on a wide aperture of f/3.5. Have fun experimenting with different settings. Longer exposures will give higher quality results, but the stars become less fixed and start showing star trails.



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Press release

Press release

September 19, 2016: The Amsterdam Photo Club was proud to be working together

Night Sky Photo Workshop

Night Sky Photo Workshop

Join us in an exciting free workshop where you will learn how to photograph the

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