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How to become photographer of the week

The Amsterdam Photo Club has a weekly spot on the Salto1 live TV show ‘So Dam Local’. Every week we feature a photographer in our community that gets their photo featured with their name on the screen and a shout out by the TV presenters. The photo is used as the background for the TV show.

How to get featured

Send us your photo in high resolution via e.g. WeTransfer.com, since your image might exceed our inbox mail quota. Enter the email address:  contact@amsphotoclub.com


The image must be suitable as a background for an evening TV show.

  1. The photo must be from Amsterdam
  2. It must be taken during the evening or twilight, to match the mood of the evening TV show
  3. It should have some distance in it to create depth between the TV presenters and the background.
  4. The photo must be of reasonable high quality. No camera shake, bad focusing or visible ISO grain.
  5. It should not contain any watermarks. Your name will be added on the TV screen and in the end credits.






Featured photographers