Meet the photographers & portfolio review by GUP magazine and Fotoacademie

Our photo club continues the tradition of the ‘MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER’ and private viewing events that we started last year! This time we offered the opportunity to meet the 9AFTER5 group within a private viewing of their group. The exhibition and portfolio review event was very impressive and highly educational. With assistance from GUP Magazine and Fotoacademie, the 9after5 group provided knowledgeable feedback to our members about their photographs. And representatives from the Melkweg visual arts gave insight into the world of photography curation. Powerful themes were presented by the exhibiting photographers, displaying images focusing on: mental depression, pollution in outer space, advanced analogue photography techniques and perceptive moments of day-to-day life.

The photographers told us about the background of their work, techniques and their unique relationship, still working together 5 years after their graduation at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. They participate in exhibitions, residencies and competitions in The Netherlands and abroad, have been awarded the Dutch New Talent and are featured in among others the GUP Magazine (Margaret Lansink).

Press Release

Press Release

March 7, 2018: The Amsterdam Photo Club is proud to announce its collaboration

Amsterdam Photo Book Fair

Amsterdam Photo Book Fair

The local photography community in Amsterdam is more vibrant than ever before

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