Shifting Skies

17 April – 14 June 2015

Foam presents an exceptional and, until now, little-known theme in the voluminous oeuvre of the well-known Dutch painter Carel Willink. In the 1930s, he began to photograph the Amsterdam sky from his apartment and studio,  overlooking the famous Rijksmuseum, to use as material for sketches. These clouded skies were hidden away for years in his archive of negatives managed by his widow Sylvia Willink-Quiël. There they stayed until last year when Willem van Zoetendaal, photography expert, book publisher and exhibition curator, dedicated a publication – with Willink-Quiël’s support – to this very specific work by Willink. This publication has also provided the inspiration for the Foam exhibition.

* Carel Willink (1900-1983) was one of the foremost Dutch painters of magic realism and ‘imaginary realism’, as he called his painting style.












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