Night Sky Photography Workshop

It is not easy to organise a workshop to photograph the stars in the night sky, when living in one of the most densely light-polutet countries in the world. Luckily with a tip from a couple of astronomers and the help of a few apps, the Amsterdam Photo Club managed to find a spot outside Amsterdam in the fields of Kardijk that was perfect.

A general good starting point for shooting stars in the night sky is mounting your camera on a tripod and shooting with ISO 1600 at 20 seconds on a wide aperture of f/3.5. Have fun experimenting with different settings. Longer exposures will give higher quality results, but the stars become less fixed and start showing star trails.



Photo by: Moophz.com

Night Sky Photography Workshop

Saturday, Oct 8, 2016, 7:30 PM

Zeewolde area in Flevoland Flevoland, NL

15 Members Went

Join us in an exciting free workshop where you will learn how to photograph the sky on a starry night.You need a carThis workshop will take place in a low light polluted area away from city lights. However, with the need for a remote destination a motorized vehicle will be needed in order to attend the workshop.Prerequisites: Basic photography k…

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