Night Sky Photo Workshop

Join us in an exciting free workshop where you will learn how to photograph the sky on a starry night. This workshop will take place in a low light polluted area away from city lights. However, with the need for a remote destination a motorized vehicle will be needed in order to attend the workshop.

Prerequisites: Basic photography knowledge. The event will be split into two sessions

We will be doing a Pre-production workshop, at our training centre in Amsterdam (Herengracht 104), on Thursday October the 6th at 19:00. The workshop will cover: logistics, planning tools, challenges and best practices on how to bring out the best result during the photography workshop night.

Details about the shooting location will be provided at the end of this first workshop and we recommend that everyone attends this session.
Session 2: Oct 8 2016 – Photography on the field (Workshop night)

We will be hitting the road to Flevorland (40 minutes by car from Amsterdam), we will meet there at 19:30. The spot is a nearby dark location away from city lights. Additionally, a spectacular meteor shower (Draconid) will be observed during that night and we hope to capture many with our cameras. More info about the Draconid can be found on:

Important Notice: The “Photography on the field” workshop will be conditioned by the weather forecast, so kindly note that there is a chance that the event might be cancelled the morning of October the 8th in the case of a cloudy weather forecast.

Night Sky Photography Workshop

Night Sky Photography Workshop

It is not easy to organise a workshop to photograph the stars in the night sky,

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