Making Perfect Summer Photos

SUMMER IS HERE !!! And it is time to get into action! Perhaps this week of sunshine will be the moment when you will capture the winning photo for this summer’s photo contest, and get the chance to have your very own Xpozer wall print.

Sunny 16 rule

In photography, the traditional ‘sunny 16 rule’ is a great way to quickly get the perfect summer photos, with little time or effort spent adjusting the settings. The rule is very easy to learn. But it does require the basic knowledge in photography, understanding how the camera’s ISO, aperture and shutter speed work together. With an aperture of f/16, the only requirement is to set the ISO and shutter speed at equal levels. This will in most cases give you beautiful colors and perfect exposure in your photos this summer.

Example: f/16 + ISO200 + 200 shutter speed

If you want to freeze motion, simply increase the ISO and shutter speed.

Portraits: f/16 + ISO200 + 200
Moving objects: f/16 + ISO500 + 500
Sports: f/16 + ISO1000 + 1000

Take part in the summer photo contest

Join our annual photo contest by submitting your favourite photo from this summer. Be creative and have fun exploring new photography techniques this summer.

The photo must be a photo you have taken yourself this summer. And you are free to use as much photoshop as you like. The photo does not have to depict Amsterdam.

You can change your submitted photo before the deadline, should you change your mind or take an even better photo at a later time. Just remember to delete the first photo.

This is a local photo contest. We will only consider submissions from participants living in The Netherlands.

Winning prize

The winner of this year’s photo contest will win a print of their photo as an amazing Xpozer photo print! Xpozer’s award-winning photo display system is designed and made in The Netherlands. The winning photo will be printed on Xpozer’s custom Vivid Satin photo paper. The winner will also receive Xpozer’s reusable frame, tension-spring frame to hang their photo with a stunning gallery-look. The print size and ratio will be finalised with the winner depending on their wall space and photo’s resolution.

How to participate

Participate via the event on our meetup group, and submit your photo before 14 September 2019.

The Amsterdam Photo Club will promote the best photo submissions in its social media and on our website.

About Xpozer

Real photos belong on the wall and in our lives, not stuck on our computers. Xpozer’s game-changing, huge photo prints and reusable photo frame makes it easy for photographers worldwide to enjoy their photos every day. Xpozer’s Vivid Satin photo prints come as big as your camera can shoot. Hang them perfectly with Xpozer’s award-winning photo frame. Switch photos easily and hang your newest shots using the same frame in minutes. Huge photos, mind-blowing quality, surprisingly affordable. Designed and printed in The Netherlands.

Place your order today !!!

Happy snapping !!!

Brassai @ FOAM

Brassai @ FOAM

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Silver Lake Drive Workshop

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