Solid Light Films

From 28 September to 30 November the Amsterdam EYE Filmmuseum presents the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands by British artist Anthony McCall.

Since the 1970s McCall has produced a remarkable body of work that includes drawings, performances and—most importantly for this exhibition—his large-scale light-projection installations, so-called “solid light films.” McCall’s sculptural light projections are at once minimalist in form and magical in effect, theoretical in essence and visceral when experienced. His moving light sculptures are in a permanent state of flux, consistently refusing to be classified by the confined categories of art history such as “sculpture” and “film.” The exhibition not only presents some of the most important solid light films but also tracks their development back to McCall’s early work.


Worldwide Photowalk

Worldwide Photowalk

Another photowalk in Amsterdam with 65 members of the Amsterdam Photo Club

Press Release

Press Release

October 16, 2014: If there is one photography exhibition or documentary you MUST

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