Welcome All Videographers

Our photo club is happy to introduce our new sub-group for members that enjoy making video. Local TV producer Cathy Leung will be leading a series of events to help our members learn to film with their DSLR cameras, and generate local video content. Join us for the kick-off meeting, were we will introduce the Videographer group, concept, plans and range of activities.

Collaboration with Broadcast Amsterdam & Shutterstock

We will introduce you to our collaboration with Broadcast Amsterdam, and how the videos produced will be featured and credited on the local TV show ‘So DAM Local’

We will also go over the quality requirements and how to produce content that is in high demand for successfully selling your video clips on Shutterstock.com

Not joined our Shutterstock program yet? Sign-up today:

Share your experience

We welcome any experienced videographers in our club to share their clips, knowledge and ideas.



Food Styling Lecture

Food Styling Lecture

Food stylist Ajda Mehmet presented how to style food for food photography, using

Flower Labyrinth at Van Gogh Museum

Flower Labyrinth at Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum are building a labyrinth consisting of 125K sunflowers on

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