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Summer Photo Contest Winner 2017

The winner of this year’s Amsterdam Photo Club Summer contest is Charlotte Bellamy from Arnhem. Her ICM photo of yacht on the coast of Kefalonia is both beautiful and creative, using a mixture of multiple modern- and traditional photography techniques. A very good example on how consciously breaking the rules can create a magnificent expression.


More amazing contributors

Below you can see other strong contenders in this years competition.

Photo by: Mustafa

Photo by: Tom Röggla

Photo by: Zhang Chuanrui

Photo by: Brynja Bjarnadóttir

Photo by: Clive Keus

Photo by: Jennifer de Lange

Photo by: Akansha Srivastava

Photo by: Henry Chopra

Photo by: Mostafa Khosravi

Photo by: Sheetal Chordia

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