Have your photo featured on live TV

The Amsterdam Photo Club has in the last years had a weekly spot on the Salto2 live TV show ‘So Dam Local’. Every week we feature a photographer in our community that gets their photo displayed with their name on the screen and a shout-out by the TV presenters. The photo is used as the background for the TV show.

This October, So Dam Local is returning for it’s 4th season, and we will continue to feature our member with their photos. The image must be suitable as a background for an evening TV show, so this is the perfect opportunity to use long exposure night photography. It should have some distance in it, to create depth between the TV presenters and the background. It must not contain any watermarks. Your name will be displayed on the TV screen at the beginning of the show and in the end credits. The submitted photo will not be used for any other purposes.

Submit your photo by sending your high resolution image (fulfilling the above mentioned requirements) via WeTransfer.com or similar to: contact@amsphotoclub.com

Please don’t send your full resolution photo as an attachment in an email. It will max out our mail disk quota.









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