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  • Stock Photography Book

    Stock Photography Book

    A collection of insider advice for selling your photos online, as a result of having worked 3 years behind the scenes at Shutterstock. Sell your photos to advertising agencies, magazines, book publishers, newspapers, designers, bloggers and anyone else seeking to license photographs. Improve the quality of your photography to match the submission requirements of stock […]

  • Foam Magazine #42

    Foam Magazine #42

    The editors of Foam Magazine are very proud to present the 2015 edition of the Talent issue, featuring the works of 21 outstanding photographers, selected from submissions coming from 67 different countries. Each photographer’s portfolio is accompanied by an essay that offers insight into  the nature and concept of the project. Once again, an inspiring […]

  • Van Lohuizen’s route

    Van Lohuizen’s route

    Vía PanAm is an investigation into the roots of human migration. It focuses on South and North America. Kadir van Lohuizen takes us along the Pan-American Highway. The route he followed runs from Tierra del Fuego in southern Chile to Prudhoe Bay, northern Alaska. The Pan-American Highway is the primary route, leading Van Lohuizen over […]

  • Found photograph- Mark Moorman

    Found photograph- Mark Moorman

    Mark Moorman for ten years has been an author of the section called Gevonden Foto (Found Photo) in Het Parool. He wrote a book about those all kinds of pictures he has seen coming, recently published by Bas Lubberhuizen. Lost photos may dive anywhere: at bike racks, at flea markets, in a trash or books […]