Amsterdam Photo Club 2.0

This April, it will be 10 years since we started the Amsterdam Photo Club. Our main goal was to grow a large and diverse local community centred around photography. After having organised nearly 300 photography events, our community has grown to over 5.200 members. During this time, we have also noticed that the preferences for event participation have also changed.

New mission & vision

To successfully adapt to a continuously changing environment in our community, we will be making large changes in 2020. The first half-year will be dedicated to an extensive marketing research project, where we will be collecting information from our community in order to ascertain the current demand for events, event topics and format.

Q1 2020: Marketing research

Our market researchers Husna Pekcan and Machlon Watkin will be conducting surveys, observing events and organising meet & greet events for those wanting to actively contribute; either with ideas or event organising.

Q2 2020: Program development

Based on our research findings, we will start developing new event material and determine the knowledge, skills and abilities required for event organisers needing to host these events.

Q3 2020: Training & new events

During the summer, we will spend time training new event organisers and getting the new events up and running for the coming year.

Become an event organiser

If you think you have what it takes to host photography events and want to take part in growing our community, let us know. Send a brief introduction and a copy of your resume or linkedIn profile to:

Amsterdam Light Festival Photowalk

Amsterdam Light Festival Photowalk

Join us this Thursday, December 19th 2019 for a photowalk visiting the 8th

Open Day

Open Day

Come join a night of fun and catch a glimpse of what we do and where we do it on

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