Amsterdam Harbour Boat Excursion

Come join us on WORLD PHOTO DAY as we photograph the restricted port areas of Amsterdam that have been abandoned or are closed to the public. This event is a boat trip with a guided tour in Dutch. Make sure you arrive before 19.00: The boat is called ‘IJveer XI’ and departs at 19.00 from NDSM pier 3, opposite The Botel.

The tour lasts 3 hours. To reach NDSM from Central Station, take the ferry going from the left side of the back entrance of Central Station. When exiting the ferry at NDSM, walk to the left with the IJkantine on your right side. Take another left on to the NDSM pier. Across the Botel is the IJveer XI.

It can get chilly on deck in the evening. So bring something warm to wear. The boat does have an inside area with a bar, should it get too cold. There is no food on board.

Tripods will be inconvenient. We will try to get on the top deck for best photographing options, so please be early to get a spot. It will get dark while we are on the boat; get to know your ISO/low-lighting settings.

Photographing Amsterdam Fashion Week

Photographing Amsterdam Fashion Week

The Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week took place in January 2017

Unseen Amsterdam: Call for Volunteers

Unseen Amsterdam: Call for Volunteers

The Amsterdam Photo Club is working with the organisers of the Amsterdam

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