Travel Photography Workshop

Turn your vacation into a photo shoot – use your camera like a pro to create the most memorable travel shots. This one-day workshop will teach you photography techniques, tips and tricks to take your travel photos to the next level. Spend one day in our office space in the heart of Amsterdam and put your new knowledge into practice on the streets of the city. Ready to upgrade your next holiday?

* Use your digital camera to capture culture and landscapes in their best light.
* Develop a photographers-eye, find the right motive and think outside the box.
* Get inspired by famous travel photographers and learn how to see your travel destination through your camera’s eyes.
* Learn the right techniques to put landscapes, cities and people into perspective.
* Create meaningful images that tell a story.

This workshop is a concise lecture and visual presentation on travel photography. Throughout the workshop, you will be given challenges to put your new knowledge to use.


* one day of travel photo theory and practice
* travel photography handout illustrating the different techniques you will learn
* receive one on one feedback on your work

Price 135 EUR + BTW

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2019 Event Calendar

2019 Event Calendar

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It’s Another Blood Moon

It’s Another Blood Moon

After this weekend, you’ll get another chance at total lunar eclipse

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