Super Blood Moon 2015

Will you be up at 04:47 in the morning on September 28 to photograph the super-blood-moon? That’s right, 3 things happening at once. We will be treated to a close encounter of a full blood moon eclipse. More accurately known as a total lunar eclipse that occurs when the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon.

During the event, the particular refraction of sunlight through earth’s atmosphere can cause the moon to appear red. The more sunlight passes through the atmosphere, the more it shifts towards the red end of the spectrum, just like how a sunrise or sunset appears red. With all three bodies in a line, the sunlight refracts twice and hits the Moon, casting red light upon it.


Fotoweek 2015

Fotoweek 2015

Photo Week is the national theme week of photography which takes place this year

Video Workshop

Video Workshop

Join us for a fun workshop shooting video of the ferry service behind Amsterdam

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