Night Photo Workshop

Join us on Saturday, August 29 for a walk in the dark. The Amsterdam Photo Club has a weekly spot on the Salto1 live TV show ‘So Dam Local’. Every week we feature a photographer in our community that gets their photo featured with their name on the screen and a shout-out by the TV presenters. The photo is used as the background for the TV show.

Let’s take the photos together!

Join us for an evening walk through the center of Amsterdam. We’ll split into two or three smaller groups, to make sure we get some shots with diversity.

The best photos (and photographers) will be featured on the TV show.

5 basic photo requirements

The image must be suitable as a background for an evening TV show.

1. The photo must be from Amsterdam
2. It must be taken during the evening or twilight, to match the mood of the evening TV show
3. It should have some distance in it, to create depth between the TV presenters and the background.
4. The photo must be of reasonable high quality. No camera shake, bad focusing or visible ISO grain.
5. It should not contain any watermarks. Your name will be added on the TV screen and in the end credits.

Make the most from your photos …

Why not get the most out of your photos from this event.

Submit your very best photo to our ‘My Amsterdam Photo Contest‘. The lucky winners will have their photos printed and sold in one of Amsterdam’s most central located galleries, Rockarchive !

Also, upload your photos to Shutterstock. Let other people around the world use your photos and make money as they get downloaded and used in blogs, magazines, flyers, websites and newspapers. Sign-up as a Shutterstock Contributor in our photo club’s program today!


King’s Day Photo Contest Winner: Philippe Bro

King’s Day Photo Contest Winner: Philippe Bro

We got a great response from many Amsterdam photographers in this year’s

New Basics Course

New Basics Course

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