Europride – Amsterdam Gay Pride 2016

The official opening of the Amsterdam Gay Pride is only hours away. Get ready for one of the best and most fun pride celebrations in the world. This year it gets even bigger and better, as it will be Europride!

To help celebrate this occasion, the Amsterdam Photo Club has created a set of long exposure night photos, with rainbow light painting on one of the most iconic canal spots in Amsterdam: Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht.

The photos are free for anyone to share and use, we only ask that you post the photo(s) with photo credit.

Photo credit: Amsterdam Photo Club / Kjell LeknesJeroen de Jongh



Helmut Newton Exhibition

Helmut Newton Exhibition

Come join us for a peak at the Helmut Newton exhibition in FOAM

Harbour Boat Excursion

Harbour Boat Excursion

Come photograph the restricted port areas of Amsterdam that have been abandoned

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