Cancelation Policy

All cancelations up to 48 hours before the event is fully refunded.

We need the 48 hours to re-advertise if we don’t have enough participants, or to cancel the venue in time if there is not enough interest. We managed to run these events for seven years without having to have prepayment and a cancelation policy, but it at some point became unmanageable. We have several times needed to pay out of our own pocket to cover expenses when participants don’t show up.

We make commitments to the venue, so we need to ask a small commitment from our participants as well. We need to show a small amount of accountability, if not venues and other partners would not want to work with us and we would get a bad reputation.

We’re still committed to not charging a membership fee, and continuing to organise free events.

The fee we charge for these meetings are only to cover the expenses, and we do not profit. So we hope you appreciate the work we do for free and understand it would be very difficult to make it all work without having a reasonable cancelation policy in place.